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AboutDog Days 2018

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 2018

Category: Comedy

Release Date: August 10, 2018

Director: Ken Marino

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Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

'Dog Days': Film Review

Hinting at its sultry title in each frame, Brooklyn-born and Tisch (Asia)-educated writer-director Jordan Schiele takes on some thorny subject matter in his sweaty debut feature, Dog Days. A cinematographer by training, the Beijing-based Schiele turns an objective, outsider's eye on some of rapidly developing China’s most pressing issues — among them the impact of its one-child policy, child trafficking and the disparity between the affluent cities on the East Coast and the less privileged interior. Carefully composed and directed with an assured hand, Dog Days is allegedly based on true events. That’s not hard to believe with the trafficking stories so widely circulated in the media. Given the subject matter and the relentless focus on China’s underclasses, release on the mainland may be unlikely aside from its screenings at the Beijing International Film Festival. Following its bow at Berlin’s Panorama earlier this year, other festivals should continue to follow suit, however, and an art-house release in Asia-Pacific and key urban markets overseas is entirely within reason..

Dog Days

For one day only, dog lovers can enjoy a fun day at the park with their “best friend.” Bring your lucky pooch and enjoy a special dog play area, vendors from the dog world and some specially trained canines to entertain. All dogs must have current vaccination tags and be social with others. No retractable leashes..

First Teaser Trailer for Adorable Doggie Ensemble Comedy 'Dog Days'

"What is it about dogs that brings us so much joy?" LD Entertainment has debuted the first teaser trailer for a doggie romantic comedy titled Dog Days, a film about how dogs bring us together and connect us with people. Set in Los Angeles, Dog Days is an ensemble feature that follows a group of interconnected people in Los Angeles who are brought together by their lovable canine counterparts. The big ensemble cast includes Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Adam Pally, Eva Longoria, Rob Corddry, Tone Bell, Jon Bass, Michael Cassidy, Thomas Lennon, Tig Notaro, Finn Wolfhard, Ron Cephas Jones. Plus tons of cute doggies who also deserve to be credited as well. This looks very entertaining, I just hope it's more than a super cheesy comedy, and from this teaser there could be some depth to it. Maybe. Take a look...

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